Our Condition

Photo Diary: A Journey Through “Our Condition”

Day 1: The Beginning

  • Morning: Woke up feeling a mix of excitement and nervousness. Today marks the start of my new project, “Our Condition.” Spent the morning prepping my camera and gear.
  • Afternoon: Met with the first subject, Ella. Her eyes told a story of lost dreams. Captured her in natural light, which beautifully accentuated the raw emotions she conveyed.
  • Evening Reflection: Feeling humbled. Ella’s vulnerability in front of the camera was both powerful and heartbreaking.

Day 3: A Spectrum of Emotions

  • Morning: Struggled with lighting today. Wanted to capture the subtle nuances in a way that felt authentic.
  • Midday: A breakthrough moment with Maya, whose expression of silent sorrow was for me, deeply moving. It reminded me why I started this project.
  • Evening Reflection: Realized that each woman I photograph is like a different story, unique yet universally relatable.

Day 7: The Art of Listening

  • Early Morning: Spent time just listening to my subjects before photographing them. Their stories are as important as the images.
  • Afternoon: Photographed Aisha. Her eyes were pools of unshed tears. It was a silent conversation between her soul and the lens, her body….
  • Evening Reflection: Today was emotionally taxing but fulfilling. Each story adds more depth to the project, making it more than just a series of portraits. I begin to feel exploitative.

Day 12: Challenging Perspectives

  • Morning: Experimented with different angles and shadows to capture the complexity of emotions.
  • Late Afternoon: Met with Zoe. Her defiant despair contrasted with the others, adding a new layer to the project.
  • Evening Reflection: Realizing how each woman, each portrait, challenges and reshapes my understanding of their despair and our resilience.

Day 18: Reflections and Realizations

  • Morning: Spent time reviewing the shots taken so far. The journey of each woman is vividly etched in each photo.
  • Afternoon: A moment of introspection. Realized how this project is affecting me, making me more aware of the depths of human emotion.
  • Evening Reflection: Feeling grateful for the trust these women have placed in me, allowing me to capture their most vulnerable moments. Spent time on digital retouches.

Day 24: Nearing the End

  • Early Morning: A sense of melancholy as the project nears its end. Each photo feels like a goodbye.
  • Afternoon: Last shooting day. The final portraits are as powerful and poignant as the first.
  • Evening Reflection: “Our Condition” has become a part of me, a journey through the facets of human emotion.

Final Day, 30: Looking Back

Morning: Reflections at Dawn

  • As the first light of dawn crept through my flat window, I found myself immersed in contemplation. Today marks the culmination of “Our Condition,” a journey that has been as personal as it has been professional. Each photograph, now neatly arranged for the exhibition at my mother’s gallery, feels like a chapter of a much larger story, a narrative of collective human experience.
  • Sifting through these images, I am struck by the intensity and diversity of emotions they capture. From the subtle furrow of a brow to the quiet strength in a gaze, each portrait is a testament to resilience and vulnerability. The journey these women have shared with me, and now with the world, is a poignant reminder of the silent battles fought and often unseen.
  • This project started as a vision to explore the depths of despair and hopelessness, but it evolved into something much more profound. It became an exploration of inner strength, unspoken pain, and a celebration of the quiet courage that lies within.

Afternoon: Preparing for the Exhibition

  • The hours leading up to the exhibition were a whirlwind of activity. As I arranged each portrait, I couldn’t help but recall the stories behind them. The gallery space transformed into a sanctuary of sorts, each photograph a sacred relic of a moment shared, a trust earned.
  • I took a moment to stand in the center of the gallery, surrounded by the faces that had become so familiar to me. There was Ella, whose eyes first opened the project with a tale of lost dreams. Maya, with her silent sorrow that spoke volumes. Aisha, whose resilience shone through her unshed tears. Each woman, an embodiment of our shared condition.
  • The weight of responsibility feels heavier than ever. They have entrusted me with their real stories, a mosaic of mixed emotions and experiences that demanded respect and empathy.

Evening: The Exhibition

  • As the first guests arrived, I felt a mix of pride and vulnerability. Each viewer’s reaction to the portraits was a reflection of their own journey, their own battles with despair and hope. The gallery became a space of silent conversations, of unspoken understandings.
  • Throughout the evening, I observed as people moved from one portrait to another, sometimes pausing for a long time, sometimes quickly moving on. It was clear that each image resonated differently, touching on the myriad experiences that make up our human existence.
  • The most profound moments were those of quiet recognition, when a viewer stood before a portrait, and something unspoken passed between them and the subject. It was in these moments that “Our Condition” transcends its physical form, becoming a bridge, a shared understanding of the fragile beauty of life.

A Journey Shared

  • As the night drew to a close, I realized that “Our Condition” was no longer mine alone. It belonged to every person who had shared in this experience, who had seen themselves in these portraits, who had connected with the raw, unfiltered emotions they depicted.
  • This project was a journey into the hearts of humanity, a reminder that beneath our varied exteriors, we share a common thread of emotions, experiences, and aspirations. In capturing their despair, I have unwittingly captured hope – the hope that comes from knowing we are not alone in our struggles, that our stories matter, and that in our vulnerability lies our greatest strength.
  • “Our Condition” is part of me, a chapter in my life where I learned as much about myself as I did about the subjects I photographed. I am aware of the depths and complexities of human emotion, the incredible strength that lies within our shared vulnerabilities.