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Our Condition

“Our Condition” by Amanda is a striking collection of intimate portraits that delve into the depths of human emotion and experience. Each portrait, captured in stunning close-up, features women with minimal clothing, not to sensationalize but to strip away the facades often presented to the world. These women, diverse in their expressions and backgrounds, are united in their portrayal of despair and hopelessness, reflecting on the profound and often somber aspects of the human condition.

The Art of the Negative

Memes have act as a snapshot of the zeitgeist, capturing the mood, attitudes, and experiences of a particular time. They can will provide future generations with insights into what everyday life was like during a certain period, much like how folklore or idiomatic expressions have offered insights into past cultures

Within the Shadows of War

This project aims to uncover the often-overlooked narratives and experiences of women during this tumultuous period, exploring themes of resilience, loss, and the varied roles women played, both in the backdrop of the battlefield and in the everyday struggle for survival and dignity.