• Astrani

    The discovery of extra-terrestrial intelligence would irrevocably change our understanding of our place in the cosmos, challenging us to rethink our perspectives on life, intelligence, and the nature of civilization itself.

  • Mandy at Rosewood

    Mandy, in shock, held Vanessa’s hand, tears streaming down her face. The rivalry that had once defined their relationship seemed so trivial now in the face of such a senseless tragedy.

  • A Strange Occurrence for Harry and George

    After a curious incident involving an ornate silver mirror they’d acquired from an obscure antique shop, they discovered to their utter astonishment that they had swapped bodies.

  • Tendrils of Servitude

    I tread a delicate line between submission and resistance, my every action a negotiation with the being I am becoming. Yet, in their grand design, I am but a cog, a means to an end, my humanity a tool to be exploited.

  • Black Mars

    To them, I am but a curiosity, a hybrid anomaly to be exploited, my human heritage overshadowed by the exotic allure of my alien features

  • Margret Ravenholt

    Margret Ravenholt was a woman who travelled from England to American colonys in 1620s. However, she harbours a secret – she is adept with a blade, a skill uncommon for women of her time. In a final twist in Margret’s story, she is revealed as spy for Spain. Her narrative provides a unique lens through…

  • The Last Station

    In a small town where life was as mundane as the ticking clock on the wall, Jed, a middle-aged man with weary eyes and a love for late-night TV, found his mundane existence upended by the sudden reactivation of an old, long-forgotten TV station.

  • About Creepypasta

    Creepypastas resonate with the digital generation by combining traditional elements of storytelling with the unique features of internet culture. Their adaptability, community-driven nature, and ability to tap into contemporary fears have made them a significant and popular form of modern storytelling.

  • Book of Changes

    The I Ching is considered a philosophical and spiritual guide rather than a fortune-telling tool. It offers guidance on decision-making, ethics, and the understanding of natural principles.

  • Elizabethan Slang

    Elizabethan Slang

    “Call off thy dogs, thou beslubbering dewberry!” – Elizabethan slang and curses were colourful, imaginative, and often quite insulting.

  • The Dance of Steel

    The Dance of Steel

    “The Dance of Steel” is a captivating historical fiction that weaves the tale of Elena of Castille, a noblewoman who defies societal norms to become a skilled swordswoman. Set against the backdrop of Queen Isabella’s reign, the story unfolds as Elena, inspired by the legendary warrior Lady Jimena, embarks on a journey of self-discovery and…

  • Umbra Digital

    Umbra Digital

    Darkness shrouded the sky, with the sun being nothing more than a memory. As Eric delved into the game, the shadows it brought to life began to whisper secrets and ancient stories.