Sable Blue

In the dim confines of “The Dusky Jeans,” a rundown bar on the outskirts of town, Garvey poured his soul into his music. His fingers glided over his instrument with a passion that belied his surroundings. The few locals scattered around the room paid him little attention. Their attention lost to bottles and personal sorrows.

The final, lingering note of his set faded into the smoky air. Garvey looked towards the bartender. The bartender was a gruff man with little appreciation for music or musicians. “Sorry, pal, no dough tonight. Business is slow,” the bartender grumbled. He glanced up from his task of wiping down the counter. Garvey felt the sting of rejection. It was a familiar companion on his musical journey. He was too tired to argue. Countless similar nights weighed heavy on his shoulders. He nodded and gathered his instrument with a resigned dignity.

Garvey’s pockets were witness to his current plight. They were as empty and hollow as the echoes of his last performance. He rummaged , fingers dancing over the seams. He searched for any forgotten coins, hoping to find one overlooked in better times. But all he encountered was the smooth, worn interior of his pockets. This added a physical pang of hunger to his growing list of woes.   

Stepping out into the night, the cool air did little to ease the heaviness in his heart. The streets appeared deserted. The only sounds were his footsteps echoing against the sidewalk. The distant hum of the town’s life was oblivious to his plight.

With nowhere to go, Garvey felt the burden of his unfulfilled dreams more than ever. He made a decision. Driven by a mix of desperation and a last flicker of hope, he began walking out of town. His steps unconsciously guided him towards the infamous crossroads of county legend.

Garvey stood alone at the Sable Junction, his heart heavy with a mix of fear, desperation, and a flicker of hope. The dim light of the waning moon cast long shadows. The deserted roads seemed even more isolated. In his hands, he clutched his treasured instrument. It was the one companion of his years of struggle and unfulfilled dreams during his time on the road in the blues jazz scene.

He had heard the tales and legends whispered in dim corners of bars. He had also heard them among fellow musicians who had tasted the bitterness of failure. The crossroads is a place of potent magic and dark deals. One could trade their soul for the success that had eluded them in life.

With a deep breath, Garvey began the ritual. He played a haunting melody that was a culmination of his life’s work. Each note was a plea to the forces lurking at the edge of reality. The music filled the night. It was a mournful beckoning, a beautiful testament to his journey, and his desire for fame and fortune.

As the final note faded into the silence, a distant roar shattered the stillness. Garvey’s heart raced as he saw a large black Cadillac hurtling towards the crossroads. This had to be it. It was the moment his fortunes would change. It was the arrival of the entity who would grant him the success he so craved.

But as the car neared, instead of slowing down, it maintained its speed. Garvey’s anticipation turned to horror as he realized it wasn’t going to stop. He barely had a moment to react before the car struck him, the impact throwing him aside like a ragdoll.

Inside the car, the devil, an entity as old as time and as cynical as the depths from which he hailed, let out an exasperated curse. “The last thing I need is another lame ass jazzies’ soul,” he muttered under his breath. The souls of failed musicians were all too common. Their desperation made them easy pickings, albeit with an unappetising taste.

The devil shifted stick and pushed down hard on the pedal. The Cadillac sped away into the night, leaving behind a cloud of dust and the broken dreams of yet another musician. The devil was already focusing on his next collection. Sable Junction has lore and allure. It would continue to attract people looking for an easy path to glory. They are unaware of the true cost of such a deal.

At the crossroads, Garvey was alone, his body twisted, bloodied, and dying. He clutched a busted instrument. His fate was a stark reminder of the danger of making deals with dark forces. It was a tale of the price of desperation and the elusive nature of success.