“Ankh” (life) + “Sen” (brother/sister) + “Amun” (the god Amun).

Prelude: The Dream

  • *Characters: Queen Ankhesenamun – She is sleeping, Dreaming, Amunet speaks to her.

Voice 2: Amunet:

“O children of the earth, beneath the boundless sky, hear the whisper of Amunet, the Hidden One, the gentle breath of the world.

In the silence of the unseen, find strength,
In the stillness of the unknown, find wisdom.
As the air that surrounds you, unseen yet ever-present,
So is my protection, quiet but eternal.

May the secrets of the night guide you,
May the mysteries of the dark enlighten you.
In shadows, find truth; in whispers, find clarity.
I am with you, in every breath, in every sigh of the wind.

Seek the answers within, for within lies the universe,
And in the heart’s quiet, hear the voice of the divine.
Amunet, your guardian, your guide through the unseen,
Blesses your journey through the realms of mystery.”

Act 1: The Fall of the Queen

Scene 1: The Royal Palace

  • Characters: Queen Ankhesenamun (“Her life is of Amun”), Royal Advisor, Court Members
  • Queen Ankhesenamun: Sings about her reign, her love for her people, and a foreboding sense of doom.
  • Royal Advisor: Warns the Queen of a conspiracy brewing within the palace.
  • Chorus (Court Members): Expresses loyalty and admiration for the Queen, but hints at deceit and treachery.

Queen Ankhesenamun:
In halls of gold, my reign unfolds,
Beneath the sun, my will be done.
Yet in my heart, a shadow parts,
A foretold doom, in bloom.

Royal Advisor:
Whispers of night, a looming plight,
Conspirators’ hushed tones.
My Queen, beware, the palace’s air,
Hides traitors in your throne.

Chorus (Court Members):
Long live the Queen, in splendor seen,
Her grace our guiding light.
But in dark corners, fateful mourners,
Plot her fall tonight.

Scene 2: The Conspiracy Unfolds

  • Characters: Conspirators, Royal Advisor
  • Conspirators: Reveal their plan to overthrow the Queen, accusing her of bringing misfortune to the land.
  • Royal Advisor: Torn between loyalty and fear, decides to betray the Queen to save himself.

The Queen must fall, for the good of all,
Her reign brings naught but pain.
We’ll seal her fate, before too late,
Our land to cleanse and gain.

Royal Advisor:
Torn inside, where loyalties hide,
I must choose my path.
Forgive me, my Queen, for the unseen,
I fear the aftermath.


Voice 1 (Soprano):Amun
Whispers in the silence,
Echoes of a day long gone.
Where do these roads lead?
In the quiet, I find my song.

Voice 2 (Tenor):Amunet
Shadows dance in twilight’s embrace,
Memories like soft lace.
In every step, a trace
Of dreams I chase.

In the stillness, we find our way,
Through the night, into the day.
Each moment, a ballet,
In life’s grand play.

Act 2: The Imprisonment

Scene 1: The Coup

  • Characters: Queen Ankhesenamun, Conspirators, Guards
  • Conspirators and Guards: Storm the Queen’s chamber, accusing her of crimes against the kingdom.
  • Queen Ankhesenamun: Proclaims her innocence and curses those who betray her.

Conspirators and Guards:
By force of night, we claim our right,
To dethrone the misled queen.
For the kingdom’s sake, her crown we take,
End her rule, unseen.

Queen Ankhesenamun:
Betrayed, beseeched, my voice now leached,
Into the void of lies.
I curse thee all, who watched my fall,
Under these cursed skies.

Scene 2: The Tomb

  • Characters: Queen Ankhesenamun, Spirits of the Tomb
  • Queen Ankhesenamun: Finds herself in a dark, ancient tomb, realizing she has been entombed alive.
  • Spirits of the Tomb: Ghostly figures who tell the history of the tomb and comfort the Queen, suggesting her spirit will live on.

Queen Ankhesenamun:
In shadows deep, where pharaohs sleep,
My living tomb, my room.
Entombed in haste, life’s bitter taste,
In this eternal gloom.

Spirits of the Tomb:
Rest now, great Queen, in realms unseen,
Your spirit shall not fade.
In whispers old, your story told,
In stars your soul arrayed.


Voice 1:Amun
Breath like a gentle breeze,
Carrying whispers of the trees.
In the simplicity, I see,
The essence of me.

Voice 2:Amunet
Stars in the endless sky,
Telling stories from up high.
In their light, I rely,
On truths that never die.

In this minimal expanse, we soar,
Finding what we’re searching for.
Life, an open door,
To explore evermore.

Act 3: The Queen’s Legacy

Scene 1: The Queen’s Lament

  • Characters: Queen Ankhesenamun
  • Queen Ankhesenamun: Sings a powerful aria expressing her sorrow, anger, and eventual acceptance of her fate.

Queen Ankhesenamun:
From ashes rise, my silent cries,
In this tomb, I confide.
My spirit yearns, as time turns,
In death, I shall not hide.

Scene 2: The Prophecy

  • Characters: Spirits of the Tomb, Queen Ankhesenamun
  • Spirits of the Tomb: Foretell that the Queen’s spirit will rise again, bringing justice to those who wronged her.
  • Queen Ankhesenamun: Embraces her destiny, vowing to return as a guardian of her people.

Spirits of the Tomb:
The Queen shall rise, beneath the skies,
Her justice to impart.
Her curse shall reign, on those in vain,
Who broke her royal heart.

Queen Ankhesenamun:
In shadows cast, my spirit vast,
I vow to guard my land.
In death, I’m free, my legacy,
In time’s unending sand.

Scene 3: The Legend Lives On

  • Characters: Modern Archaeologists, Ghost of Queen Ankhesenamun
  • Modern Archaeologists: Discover the tomb, marveling at its preservation and the story of the Queen.
  • Ghost of Queen Ankhesenamun: Watches over them, ensuring her story is told correctly, ending the opera with a haunting melody.

Modern Archaeologists:
In this ancient tomb, through time’s own womb,
We find history’s tale.
A Queen so bold, in legends told,
Her spirit shall prevail.

Ghost of Queen Ankhesenamun:
My story hear, both far and near,
In whispers of the breeze.
In this sacred place, remember my grace,
For eternity, I seize.

Coda: Amun’s Prayer

The god Amun reads a prayer to Queen Ankhesenamun.

In the hallowed halls of the great temple, under the watchful eyes of the deities carved into stone, Amun, the king of the gods, stands before the ethereal figure of Queen Ankhesenamun. His voice resonates through the chamber, deep and powerful, yet filled with a reverence befitting the queen’s status.

Voice 1: Amun:
“O Ankhesenamun, Queen of the Two Lands, blessed by the sun and moon,
Hear now the words of Amun, your servant and protector divine.
As the Nile nourishes the earth, so do your virtues nurture your people,
In wisdom and grace, in strength and benevolence, you reign supreme.

Beneath the endless sky, may your days be long and prosperous,
May Ma’at guide your path, her feather light upon your heart.
May the stars above bear witness to your eternal splendor,
And in the quiet of the night, may the gods whisper your glory.

As the lotus blooms pristine from the waters dark and deep,
So do you rise above, in majesty and beauty unmatched.
O Queen, may your name be inscribed in the stones of eternity,
Forever to be remembered, forever to be revered.

By the power vested in me, Amun, the Hidden One, the Giver of Life,
I bestow upon you the blessings of the heavens and the earth.
May your reign be a testament to the greatness of your spirit,
And may the gods forever walk beside you, in peace and in power.”