Category: Fiction

Ruba Silva

In a realm where dreams weave ’round reality’s beat,Echoes of visions, twilight’s soft-feet treat.From imagination’s spectrum, bursts colors so neat,Artists paint tales, with hues discrete and fleet. Moonlit pirouette, a ballerina’s spin, light as flair,Sculptress shapes galaxies, a cosmic affair.Vocalist belts out notes, lifting the weight of air,In this dreamy junction, their crafts interlace and […]


Inna di quiet spot, where word sound blend with night vibe,A stand-up willow deh, its spirit alive and thrive.For many, it’s just shade, movin’ with di rhythm jive,But deep down, it keep di stories of ancient tribe. Each leaf, man, hold a vision, old ones and fresh,Bright in morning’s touch, evenin’s golden mesh.Di trunk tell […]

Ars Gladii Feminarum

“Ars Gladii Feminarum” is an ancient treatise that explores the art of swordplay specifically tailored for women. Written during a time when societal norms restricted women’s involvement in combat and martial arts, this treatise challenges those limitations by empowering women to embrace their skills and proficiency in the realm of swordplay.

The Golden Daxie

The news of the theft spread like wildfire, and the town fell into a state of disbelief and despair. The mayor made a desperate plea for help, and it reached the keen ears of Barnaclebutt and Floatsniffer, the dachshund detectives.